The eldest son of two Korean-born doctors, Tony nearly took a medical path himself, studying biophysics at Brown University and taking a year of medical school at Tulane. While doing lab work one day, Tony found himself more fascinated by his lab slides’ vibrant colors and contrasts than by their biological events. Today his work reflects this unique background: a scientific reverence for the essential elements of light, form, scale and composition combined with a playful yet daring joy in movement, energy and life.

Tony has contributed to publications such as L'uomo Vogue,  British Harper's Bazaar, Wonderland, GQ UK, Vogue Nippon and Vogue Korea and has collaborated with clients such as Bergdorf Goodman, Theory, Shiseido, Lacoste, NARS, Maybelline NY and Amore Pacific. His celebrity portfolio includes work with Elisabeth Moss,  Elizabeth Olson, Priyanka Chopra, Dan Stevens, Richard Madden, Chloe Sevigny, Isabel Lucas,  Julianne Hough, Liv Tyler and Amy Adams, among many others.

Tony is based in New York.  He is a 25-year survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and donates a portion of his studio proceeds to cancer research.