"Originally from Romania, Daniela began her career as a makeup artist for print and television in 1998. Since then, she has invested years perfecting her craft with some of the best photographers and models in the industry. Her flexibility, calm demeanor, and professionalism make her a valuable member to all creative teams. Her understanding of bone structure, shadow and light allows her to draw out beauty effortlessly - from fresh, glowing, and natural skin to the glamorous and dramatic. 

In 2003, Daniela emigrated to New York where she quickly began building a diverse and vibrant career in both editorial and advertising. Under the representation of The Wall Group, Daniela collaborated with such esteemed photographers as David Armstrong, Annie Leibowitz, Serge Leblon, Koto Bolofo, Chad Pitman, Beau Grealy, Frederic Lagrange, Carlota Manaigo, Martin Schoeller, Ryan Michael Kelly, Diego Uchitel, Brian Bowen, Randall Slavin. 

Daniela currently resides in Miami along with her husband and their two daughters. She is represented by Creative Management."