Born and raised in a small town on Long Island and forever a New Yorker at heart, my journey into photography started around twelve years old with a Polaroid 600 “borrowed” from my parents and the endless inspiration passed down via the slides and 8mm reels from their travels throughout the late 1960’s and early 70’s.
An 80’s kid, my days were spent soaking up as many Transworld Skate, Surfer, and Mad Magazines as there were available as well as building ramps, surfing, and following my friends around and taking as many photos of them as they’d allow (and occasionally getting one of myself). 
Sometime later, after serving fifteen years as a high school special education teacher in both New York City and Southern California Public Schools, I felt the pull of my first love and returned to photography full time where I continue to celebrate people, laughter, romance, humor, and nostalgia. 
I have nearly twenty years of experience in digital photography and a deep, lifelong love of analog cameras and film photography - a love which I incorporate into both my personal travel photos and my work as often as possible. 
Past and current clients include Skechers, Billy Reid, Johnnie-O, Fender Guitars, Country Outfitters, Boot Barn, Cuts Clothing, and Modcloth, Volta Charging, among many others. 
Currently based in Los Angeles, CA