Gina Simone being a native New Yorker has always been close to fashion. The fast pace of the city streets has always inspired her when creating beautiful hair and makeup looks. The idea of creating beautiful images and being able to impact the look with a pop of color or a wisp of flowing hair is a love of hers that has blossomed into a fabulous career. 

As a young girl Gina was always setting her sights on the next creative project, from choreographing dance routines, writing poetry or song lyrics. While crossing artistic paths she was exposed to many talented photographers and creatives who would bring out her love of fashion and doing hair and makeup. She was lucky enough to assist Carolina Gonzalez and with her guidance Gina landed her first tear sheets. From there her patience, attention to detail and laid-back personality has led to great artist-client relationships. 

Her work has been seen in Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Sports Illustrated , Parade, Seventeen , Ocean Drive , Hamptons and Cosmopolitan. 

Having been in the industry for a while, Gina has been lucky enough to travel to many spectacular destinations all inspiring in their own right.