I was born in Athens Greece and after I graduated from high school I took graphic design for a year .

As I realized this was not what I really wanted to do I decided to go to London and study fashion make up and special Effects at Complexions, an awesome Canadian school .
I had the opportunity to work for music videos since I was quite in the music scene as a make up artist before returning in Athens .

I started traveling for work and I even lived in Singapore for half a year .
I came to New York in 1995 and as I suspected it was love at first sight
Soon after I was asked to join an agency and bookings followed .
Nineteen years later I still love what I do and I am always passionate about beauty .
I have worked with some amazingly talented people and for some fascinating projects .

Although the city has changed a lot it is still providing a grate cultural and artistic platform to draw inspiration from and continue growing as an artist .